Fundraising Overview

This annual race raises awareness and sends proceeds to the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health and related research studies for Aortic Aneurysm and Aortic Dissection. We want aortic disease to be better understood and managed, to educate others on the risk factors and symptoms of aortic disease, and through education and research, save lives from premature death due to these conditions.

The 5K/10K race is a main fundraising event, but coupled with selling run/awareness merchandise, other fundraising efforts and individual donations throughout the year, we raise a generous amount for this cause. We couldn’t do this without your help and participation; we send you our sincerest thank you.

2016 – Donations alone to the foundation after the director of Run for Aortic Health survived an aortic dissection in mid 2015.

2017 – 5K Run & Strollerthon
What started initially to fund a pregnancy related aortic dissection video, turned into a fundraiser to the foundation and related research studies after a local hospital took on the awareness video pro bono. You can view the video here:
$3,165 from run alone
$7,113.50 – Total toward research for the year

2018 – Run for Aortic Health
It was a successful year two for the run as the number of participants increased and more were educated about aortic aneurysm and aortic dissection along the way.  Spreading awareness is a top mission of the director.  Money for research is outstanding as it is crucial to better understand and manage aortic illness, but educating the general public on the terms and symptoms will also save lives.
$5,514.60 from run alone
$15,540 – Total toward research for the year

2019 – Run for Aortic Health
With just under 200 finishers on race day, it was a fantastic turnout and a beautiful day. More people continue to be reached. Most have never heard of  aortic dissection; others have already been affected by aortic disease. This year was special with a surgeon, a few survivors and family members honoring loved ones joining us both virtually (a few international) and here in Texas. Until next September we will continue to Think Aorta.
$6,216.75 from run alone
$12,470 – Total toward research for the year

2020 – Run for Aortic Health
Boy! 2020 was quite a different year for race events. Though most small races cancelled their events, we decided to go semi-virtual to better serve all our participants and keep our momentum going! A total of 189 bibs were given out! Many locals came during the half day setup to run our course and many participated virtually from in and out of state. We thought that was pretty outstanding considering the circumstances! As always, thank you for helping us share our awareness message and continue much needed research in aortic disease that IS saving lives. This year we had our highest number of survivors participate (about a dozen!) and a number of families running together and in honor of loved ones. We appreciate every single one of you and cannot wait until next September where we hope things are back to normal and can see you all in person.
$9,347 from run alone
$19,268 – Total toward research for the year

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