What’s it all about?

Run for Aortic Health commenced in October 2017, from the passionate heart of an aortic dissection survivor to spread awareness about this condition that nearly took her life in 2015.  It was originally titled 5K Run & Strollerthon, giving specific awareness to pregnancy related aortic dissections (like hers), an even more rare niche of this condition needing awareness.  A more fitting title for years to come would be Run for Aortic Health.
Run for Aortic Health is a physical race in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas but offers a virtual option to further it’s reach and impact.  We want to place Aortic Health on the forefront of peoples’ minds and raise awareness for a condition that needs much more recognition.  Let’s have some fun while spreading awareness and raising funds that benefit The John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health.
What we want you to know?
That aortic aneurysms and aortic dissections are treatable, and often, are preventable.  Problem is, not many doctors/medical professionals recognize the signs quickly enough to act.  On top of that, most people have never heard of these terms, nor understand the importance in knowing about their aortic health.  Knowing the terms, symptoms and urgency of such a medical emergency could help one advocate for themselves or someone else.  This is why fundraising for research and education and awareness, both to the public and in the medical community, is not just important but vital in preventing premature deaths from aortic disease.  Knowledge can save lives.
We won’t bog you down with a long speech at the race (maybe a short one), but we will have pamphlets/info to share with you if you wish to learn more.
We hope you join us for some fun and a good workout!
Follow us here and on our Facebook page: Run for Aortic Health


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