Fundraising overview:

This race raises funds specifically earmarked for research to be sent to the John Ritter Research Program and related research studies of Aortic Aneurysm and Aortic Dissection; This crucial work paves the way for aortic disease to be better understood and managed.  It also helps to educate others on the risk factors and symptoms of aortic disease in order to save lives from premature death due to these conditions.

The race is a main fundraising event, but coupled with selling run/awareness merchandise, smaller fundraising ideas and individual donations throughout the year, we raise a generous amount in order to help the mission of the John Ritter Foundation and related research projects/initatives….to save lives.  We couldn’t do that without your help and participation; we send you our sincerest thank you.

2016 – Donations alone to the foundation after the director of Run for Aortic Health survived an aortic dissection in mid 2015.  Our sincerest thank you for your love and support.


2017 – What started initially to fund a pregnancy related aortic dissection video, turned into a fundraiser to the foundation after a local hospital took on the awareness video pro bono.

$3,165 from the race alone

$7,113.50 – Total to JRRP for the year

2018 – It was a successful year two for the run as the number of participants increased and more were educated about aortic aneurysm and aortic dissection along the way.

$5,514.60 from the race alone

$15,540 –  Total to JRRP for the year

2019 – We met our goal and had over 200 registrants! This year we took it up a notch to get our participants great tech shirts too!

$6,216 from the race alone

$8,770-  Total to JRRP for the year

2020 – Boy! 2020 was a crazy year for races, and everything! But even with all the uncertainty, we still had close to 200 registrants participate in our unusual “semi-virtual” physical setup or virtually participate. We had a hugely successful year thanks to you all!!

$9,347 from the race alone

$19,200 Total to JRRP for the year

2021 – We met our 250 participant goal AND were able to send a whopping $21,000 off to research this year! We spread our funds this year between JRRP and a couple of research studies for aortic dissection patients. We hope you continue to support us and the crucial scientific work assisting current patients and the future affected.
$10,980 from race day alone
$21,000 to JRRP and related research for the yearIt takes a lot of work, incredible volunteers, your participation, and generosity to make this small but growing race a success. Remember, we measure success in the people we reach in spreading awareness, AND in the proceeds we can send off for crucial research…because both of those together will save lives. Our goal for 2022 is 300 participants (physical & virtual) and we hope you help us to reach that! Please spread the word and bring friends to join us!